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My name is Victoria Stiles and I'm an Early Career Historian currently doing whatever odd research / consulting / outreach / tutoring jobs come my way. I blog here about some of the interesting texts I've found.
My research focusses on books about Britain and the British Empire which were in circulation in Nazi Germany but you'll also find a smattering of school textbooks, witchcraft beliefs, bog drainage, bemused travellers and weird illustrations that caught my eye.
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Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Now that I'm back in the UK and under the same roof as a scanner, here are some pictures from Greater Britain (original post here). I'm still in the process of dismantling my life as a teacher and setting up again as a student, so posts may be even less frequent than usual.
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Front cover

Titles pages introducing the series ("French and English prose texts") and the book.

Map comparing pre and post-canal routes to India, p.2

Map of Africa, p.99

Pull-out map of the world, inside back cover.

Other offerings from the same publisher.

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